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PH8 is drawn from a pristine aquifer at Warooka on the Yorke Peninsula of South Australia, situated some 25 Km from the nearest town. With rolling hills surrounding the 1800 acre farm which contains the catchment basin for this unique and unadulterated water source.

The farm itself has been cleared of stock and is not involved in any form of primary production so as to preserve the integrity of this pure and heavenly water.

The water is pumped via a windmill to storage tanks as it has been since its discovery many years ago. An onsite factory has been established to bottle the water into 600ml and 1.5L containers.

The water filters down through limestone rocks and into the aquifer drawing the elements from the earth which makes PH8 one of the finest drinking waters in the world.

The limestone is up to 38m thick which slows the filtering process of the water from the surface to the aquifer. It can take years for the water to pass through collecting elements such as selenium, silica, bicarbonate, magnesium, potassium and calcium. Making it not only a fantastic replenishment, but one of the most amazing drinking waters readily available in the world today.

PH8 is a natural alkaline spring water which has a very smooth and soft taste. You can feel the texture and benefits of this pure hydration while it is in your mouth – TASTE THE PURITY


PH8 Natural Alkaline Mineral Water stays as pure and as fresh as the day it is drawn from the source

When the water is drawn from the aquifer it is clear and ready for bottling. The only filtering done on the water is 4 x .35 micro filters to remove any solids that may be present. Due to the simple filtering process of the water our mineral content is maintained. PH8 Natural Alkaline Spring Water has an amazing and smooth taste. When you drink water the body benefits from drinking it at room temperature as this is when it is readily absorbed into the blood stream, but because most of our leading water companies are using reverse osmosis filtration processes, this takes all essential nutrients from the water – changing the nitrates and chromates. When we refrigerate and drink cold water, we are “masking” the true taste of water. PH8 can be consumed at room temperature and you will taste it’s true taste. It is very soft and encapsulated in a velvety smooth feel on the palate.

The perfect analogy to describe how refrigeration masks the taste we can liken it to a cold beer. Beer is best consumed cold because it masks the taste. The true taste of beer is present at room temperature. Put PH8 to the test today and head over to our stockist page to find your nearest stockist. Alternatively you can purchase cartons online. Just head over to our products page.

PH8 Natural Alkaline Spring Water is sourced from a clean and natural environment

“Taste the difference”

PH8 is high alkaline and contains essential trace minerals, it has naturally occurring electrolytes which flush lactic acid from the muscles while exercising meaning you get the NATURAL benefits of a sports endurance drink without the added nasties. When humans exercise, lactic acid is created in the muscles. During heavy exercise lactic acid build up can cause muscle soreness, tiredness, stiffness, cramps and even knots often found in the upper back. PH8 having naturally occurring electrolytes is absorbed straight into the blood stream, to flush lactic acid build up, increase endurance, stamina and prevent muscle fatigue, tightness, tenderness and soreness. Follow this link to find out how PH8 can help with your natural endurance during exercise.

Do you know the filtration process of your water? Many leading “Spring Water” brands use a process known as reverse osmosis to ”purify” the water. They also use a UV treatment, which changes the chromates and nitrates of the water – not only giving it a different taste, but because of the process that is used to get rid of the bad elements, it in turn gets rid of the of good elements as well. The chemicals that are used in the process acidify the water but the electrolyte content of the water very low. PH8 High Alkaline Spring Water is purified by black limestone, which adds elements such as silica, selenium, calcium, bicarbonate, magnesium and much more. Not only this PH8 is classified as high alkaline, making it one of the world’s finest and most beneficial drinking waters in the world today. Click here to find out more about how PH8 can benefit you.

PH8 High Alkaline Spring Water has caught the attention of scientists, prompting scientific studies and also the media. South Australia’s very own Today Tonight put PH8 to the test and featured us on their news segment. Head over to our Media page and take a look at the media coverage of PH8